About 5 years ago I built a Solar powered RC/ quasi UAV.
At the time the 2.4Ghz RC stuff was not available and my solar power converters just clobbered my 6M RC equipment. My solution was to remove the transmitter module from the JR transmitter and hook the (one) PPM signal up to a microcontroller that read the PPM rc pulse train, translated it to serial and sent i over a 900Mhx MaxStream radio. A micro controller on the other end then read the serial data stream and made servo pulses. This was on a 9600 baud link and worked fine for 3 channels and simultaneous down link telemetry Using this method the flight system only needs one receiver not two. I've also tried a system where the RC transmitter talks to an RC receiver at the ground station that then sends the data up the bi-directional telemetry stream. This has gotten much more effective with the 115K baud radios such as the Xbee's in their various forms. I want to distribute data among various ground stations/computers with Wifi making the 2.4Ghz RC stuff problematic. I'm thinking about building a system with the ground components uasing the new Netburner Wifi products (full disclosure I'm CTO of Netburner )for communicating between the ground components with a maxstream xbee or xtend giving uplink from the ground station to the vehicle. For my rocket stuff I built a separate box that just listens in on the ongoing telemetry stream, but this system only needed short range.

Is everyone still flying with two radio systems?

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Hi Paul,

Most are, but not all. If you search here I remember a guy who had a complete one-off system using a single radio link for telemetry and control. I don't remember much about it other than he built his own radio modems, his airframe was an easystar, and he had a video of it landing itself in an open field. I beleive there are a few others using a single radio scheme as well, but that is the only example I remember.

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