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Presenting the EZ-Gimbal With A Twist. You can now rotate your camera into a portrait orientation to enable portrait photography and panoramas.  Due to the unique three axis balance adjustment system of the EZ-Gimbal, the rotation by 90 degrees requires NO rebalancing.  You can alternate between landscape and portrait orientations without touching the cameras balance position. 

The pitch assembly has two plates which the long narrow camera base plate attaches to (with long straight slots).  With the camera in the landscape orientation you can adjust the camera fore/aft and up/down positions to set the balance.  You can then rotate the camera 90 degrees to the portrait orientation and slide the camera up/down (left/right slider when in landscape orientation) to set the balance in that orientation.  With all three axis set to the cameras COG you can then alternate between the two orientations without touching any settings.  The camera rotates on its own COG.
img_3949.jpg?width=700Total width for your camera is 15cm so plenty of room for up to an NEX-7 sized camera (NEX-6 pictured). 

img_3947.jpg?width=700​Two strong and lightweight aluminium supports attach the camera tray to the up/down slider plate. Also, the side arms are reinforced to minimise any sideways flex.  2 and 2.5mm high quality carbon fiber components make up the main frame and 3mm carbon fiber is used on the two positional adjustment plates.  This is a very strong, rigid and lightweight gimbal.  At approximately 400g with all the electronics you can't go wrong. Other gimbals on the market of this size with less ease of use and functionality start at 500g+.

What really stands out with this design is the ease and speed at which it takes to find the correct balance.  If you have a range of camera's that you plan on putting up in the air it won't take you long to balance each time you swap the camera over.  Also, the weight of the pitch back plate assembly counter-balances the camera, allowing you to place the camera one or two cm further forward on the tray.  This effectively places the camera's sensor much closer to the pitch line of rotation.

Another large benefit of this design is the ease of access to the battery/SD card hatch of your camera. You no longer need to unscrew the camera from the mount to replace the battery or access the SD card, saving you rebalancing time.

Each EZ-Gimbal comes with two LD-Power 4008-57 brushless gimbal motors and a V3 Martinez Open Source Gimbal Control board/IMU.  On top of that it comes with one regular length camera support tray and one extended for camcorders (up to Sony PJ790 size).  

You also have the choice of supplying your own connection between the roll motor and your multicopter by just selecting NONE for the connection option.  This is a good option for those wishing to upgrade from the NEXt-Gimbal to the EZ-Gimbal With a Twist.  In this case the two vertical rods are also omitted from the gimbal purchase.  You just unscrew the four screws on the roll motor of the NEXt-Gimbal and attach the roll motor of the EZ-Gimbal With a Twist.

There is also a third axis mount option with ball damper available which fits this and all my designs available on my store.

Please visit  If you have already visited over the last couple of months you will be pleasantly surprised by the new prices on not only the products but also the postage.

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