Gyros tumbling

Ran into an issue on friday, when I have my voltage sensor connected the gyros tumble when at high rpms.  the problem goes away completely when the voltage is unplugged, so I know it's not just vibration.


Anyone else see this before?

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  • I have seen this in the last week with two different APM aircraft.  The first issue was apparently induced when a separate current monitor was placed inline between the battery and ESC.  This sometimes appeared to cause the gyro to tumble.  It is possible the current monitor was somehow interfering with the power.

    On a second aircraft, the gryo tended to tumble on boot-up until the power was supplied by a separate BEC external from the ESC.  This also indicates a 5V power issue.

    This all indicates that the APM/Shield is very picky when it comes to the 5V power source.

  • Same problem i am getting.. 

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