H frame quad - full aluminium



I just finished building this H frame quad, entirely in aluminium, and I'm now trying to find the best compromise as for battery/ESC/motor to make the beast flyable.

I do not have any clue at the moment on how to choose these properly, nor really sure that it will end up being flyable, due to the frame weight (900g)

Would anyone be able to enlighten me on the following ?

  • is it reasonable for a quad frame to have such a weight ? I guess I could reduce the weight by a small third if I was removing the landing legs, that is an option if too heavy
  • could someone with a proper config for a similar weight quad indicate me the details of it ? or someone who can calculate all that ?
  • Any good tutorial around on to learn ESC & Motor size & battery selection ?

I'm not looking at doing anything acrobatic or agressive with this, just easy & slow flying with a small keychain camera. And the APM of course!

Ideal flying time would be at least 20 minutes...

(NB: quad diameter is 65cm)

Happy to hear any point of views on frame type, other configs details, weight issues, links to gear .. 

Thanks all and happy flying year :-)

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