Hi everybody, I'm building an H8 multirotor. I have a doubt about what would be the better power distribution layout:
Option 1 (traditional): use a good power distribution board with 8 power outlets, attach the 8 escs and keep them in the main body (short power cables to escs) and then long wires to the motors through the arms (6 cables per arm)
Option 2: use good quad pdb with 4 power outlets, use 4 pairs (black and red) of thick (10awg) wire going through the 4 arms (2 long wires per arm) and then each cable splits in 2 3.5mm connectors to which the escs are connected and therefore tied at the end of each arm.
What do you think would be the best option?
I would use option 2 for some reasons: less cables through the arms, therefore less weight because the long cables would be less even if of thicker gauge; more room in the main body, as the escs are put at the end of each arm; for this reason they would have also better cooling, because of props flow; shorter wires between the escs and the motors (I would eliminate also the cables from the esc to the connectors, resoldering the female connectors directly on the esc pcb).
My doubts are about electrical efficiency... Suggestions?

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non of your options sorry!

i use 2 quattro 4 in 1 ESC no need for Distribution board or complex wiring LoL.

I understand, but I personally don't like those systems for various reasons. And anyway that wouldn't help reducing the number of wires through the arms...

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