Hand Held Quadcopter "Wanze" max. Dimension 10 inch

This is the new Tumba-Quad-Q240 "Wanze". The max. dimension is less than 10 inch.
The copter was designed for the International Micro Air Vehicle Conference IMAV 2012 last week. Ranking: 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 1st together with the hexacopter "Bolt".


Overview together with the hexacopter "Bolt":



- Mass 200 gramm, depends on the LiPo
- Propeller AirAce 3-blade left/right, motor Hacker A10/12S
- ESC Hype 6A (without modification = PPM)
- 2 cells LiPo, flight time up to 14 minutes
- RC-control via DX7-satellite
- ATMEGA328 in the 20 x 30 mm big "Tumba-Control"
- 3 x ADXRS610 + 2 x ADXL322 in a 17 mm IMU-cube
- Software self development based on Arduino, source code about 8kByte
- closed loop frequence about 400 Hz

Best regards


Some more pictures:







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Nice aircraft design.

Which propellers were you use? Can I get a link?

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