Happykilmore GCS not load maps without internet conection

Hi to everyone!

I'm testing APM 1.02 beta, and using happykilmore GCS to track my trayectory. All work fine in my home when i have internet conection. Maps from google load correctly and wireless conection work fine too.
But when i go to the field to test the APm and GCS in real situation, the option of maps close instantly and when i start my CGS and only the option of live camera appears.

Can anyone help me to solve this inconvenient?



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It is not possible to solve. Google Earth's Javascript API is not available without an internet connection.


I recently upgraded to a "smart" cell phone with Hot Spot tethering so I can connect my laptop to the internet from anywhere.


You can use Michael Obourne's APM Planner instead. He has offline maps.

Thanks Happykillmore,


So i will test the APM planner, but, whats happens if we use another maps source without internet conextion. It is possible?



I do have plans to add offline maps.... I just need to find the time to do it.

A few years ago with the earlier version of Google Earth there were some third party free programs where while Internet is on, you can set an area on the map (where you plan to travel) and this simple program would systematically "visit" those areas in a grid-type fashion and store the kml(?) or some other files on your hard drive. You can map hundreds of miles, of course you would need a large cache set first and would take couple of hours.  When it's done and you can go offline and point Google Earth towards that "recorded" cache and when you travel there it will pull up the actual location into Google Earth.  


You had to set altitude, etc. In smaller areas, a few square miles of known territory you should be able to set several layers of altitudes.

The manual attached.
Thanks Tom.  I needed that.
That will work for Google Earth, but not for the Google Earth Javascript API. The Google Earth API (non Javascript) support was dropped in GE v5.2. It might be working in the current version, but it's going away completely very soon in favor of the Javascript API. I have contacted Google and have been told offline mapping with Google Earth's Javascript API is not possible....but they won't tell me why they made this change.

Java is way beyond my knowledge, but found this: http://code.google.com/p/gmapoffline/


Not sure how legal it is, as I read Google places restrictions on some use of its products.

Do you find the time to do it?

I`m very interested in this feature.

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