I've been reading this forum for over 1 month regarding APM2.5. I want to upgrade my dji f450 stock/KK2. I use the quad for FPV and video and I need alt.hold/RTL and loiter. The more I read this forum (fly away, power shutoff,...) to more my head tells me to get something else. I really like the flexibility of APM with missions, 3DR radio, etc. but the most importing thing is I need to trust my setup and I'm not yet convinced about the reliability oa APM2.5... Am I getting a false impression here  ? Can one trust AMP2.5 (loiter, RTL, alt holt) as much as other more "comercial" poducts.



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  • Don't forget there are many thousands of happy users, only the ones with problems tend to come on the forums.

    I trust my APMs, as I have spent time learning about them, and their failsafes and being careful with the setup..

    If you read enough about any controller you will find people with problems. My wookong rig tried to fly away on my once, and that rig was well over 10k.....

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