I am planning on building a permanently-connected IP-controlled drone that can be managed from a cloud-based installation of a GCS. 

Anyone connected a drone to a dronecell or other GSM/GPRS device?

[Note: Not doing Wifi, 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz, because I want to use existing urban infrastructure and have "infinite" telemetry range within cellular coverage.]


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  • We're getting ready to implement an IP based control system that will replace standard RF receivers or pair with them as a failover once you get out of RF range.  

    Here's a video of my early bench testing.

    We will have to VPN to get around dynamic IP addresses, NAT mappings etc...

    This will also work with WISP radio devices or satellite radio but, with a lot of latency on the satellite links... 

  • T3


    Tom Pittenger flew a UDB based drone over the internet, using a UDB3. The UDB4 is even better suited for that, with TCP/IP handlers available from microchip.

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    Bill Premerlani

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