Hawk Sky trying to take off backwards

I bought a Hawk Sky and put it together last weekend. 


The prop was already on the motor when I bought it.  I tried to take it off today and the thing kept trying to roll backwards!


I read that you had to reverse the prop, but when i did, it still rolls backwards.

I then tried reversing the wires at the reciever, because I cannot find the ESC on the plane. 


Anyone know anything about this model and what else I can try?

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  • Quick question for future reference.  Does anyone know the max wind speed a newbie RC pilot should try to fily a model the size and weight of the Hawk Sky in? 



  • WHOOPS I see what you mean


    You DO NOT swap the 3 wires that go from the ESC to the reciever

    you DO swap 2 out of the 3 wires going from the ESC to the motor

  • well then look harder, what you need to do is swap 2 out of the 3 wires going to motor from the ESC


    or get a pusher prop.


    and put the reciever wires back !

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Aug 25