HD video with overlay, and internal storage



I work for an helicopter company doing inspections of oil and gas systems flying an Robinson 44. We are looking into replacing the current video system, as this is quite old and not user friendly at all.

As the combined knowledge in these forums are substantial, I do have to ask about my solution.


The problem can be divided into different sections:

-          Capturing the video

-          Insert OSD

-          Store video with OSD overlay

-          Power


Capturing the video

Capture of the video should be in full HD, color. It is not necessary with IR or anything fancy. Just plain normal HD. We do need to use some zoom, as we are flying approx. 600 to 900 feet above ground. Could be a normal camcorder, or a block camera like these https://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/cat-industrialcameras/cat-block/?navId=4294966461


Insert OSD

Somehow we do need to have an OSD containing various GPS data. Position, date and time are the minimum data to be added. It would be nice to be able to add free text, but that is no absolute requirement. I am a bit blank on what system to use for this.


Store video with OSD overlay

We need to store the video somehow. I have looked at this unit: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/858661-REG/ATOMOS_ATOMNJA002_Ninja_2.html

This will cover both viewing screen and recording.



We are able to get 12V power from the helicopter to use, but we prefer to use equipment with built in power sources. In case some of the equipment do have an fatal malfunction of some sort, it will not affect the helicopters performance, only the mission. We are of course not able to use LiPo batteries due to the fire hazard.



Any good ideas or solutions for our problems?

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  • Hi all.

    The company went out of bussiness in late 2013, so this discussion is sort of dead in the water :-(

    But we ended up using software (type MotionX on iPhone) to record GPS location, and a gopro to record video. Then we mated the two in some software which I cannot remember the name of. And we got a nice looking video with GPS, date, time etc.

  • I know it's a bit late to answer this but have you checked this out?


    It does video, data record, simple software to create overlays and also has a SDI option if needed.

  • Hi Bjorn:

    Take a look at Sensoray's 2226S here:


    It will do pretty much everything you mentioned, store HD video with osd and graphic overlays, and includes software API for customization. The key is to have SDI HD camera.

    HD-SDI audio/video H.264 encoder/decoder | Model 2226
    Model 2226 USB 2.0 audio/video H.264 encoder/decoder supports SDI 1080p/1080i/720p and SDI and analog NTSC/PAL SD. HD/SD frame capture, full color ov…
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