Last weekend I got my copter flying (Success! :D)

However, it flies as if its front is its back. What is even weirder is if I turn the APM2 around on the frame so that it faces the right direction, the copter flips itself on takeoff like its trying to fly upside down (I only make the APM2 point in the opposite direction, I didn't change any of the wires connections etc).

Apart from it taking its front in the wrong direction it appears to fly just fine I even tested a couple modes and it was cool.

My first thought was to invert my transmitter's inputs however, having yaw, pitch and roll all inverted seems like too much of a coincidence so I'm wondering if this could be caused by incorrect building/wiring?

I've made no changes to the APM code.

Also Merry Christmas :-)

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You are certainly doing well but look over some of the diagrams and notes in THIS thread. His final solution was wrong configuration loaded from MP.

The APM has a direction arrow for FRONT.

If Pitch is reversed on your TX, it will probably correct this. (not sure if you are Mode 1 or Mode 2 TX config)


Ah I didn't know about this. It turned out I had the motors connected the wrong way around and alsothe pitch and roll needed to be reversed. Both you and Starwalt had the right idea. Many thanks :-)

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