About Me:

I'm a Computer Science student with a keen interest in robotics and cybernetics.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'm very interested in building an obstacle navigating drone. It would simply be able to identify obstacles and navigate itself through them to be able to reach a way point. Additionally, I'm thinking of programming them to identify objects or people and be able to follow them around.



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Dadamuga Mazino posted a discussion
First off I'm quite a newbie to electonics, I apologize, I'm still learning. I recently built my drone, it worked for the most part but the GPS caught fire. It turns out the set of wires that connect the pixhawk to the GPS module melted and burned…
Dec 20, 2020
Dadamuga Mazino posted a discussion
Last weekend I got my copter flying (Success! :D)However, it flies as if its front is its back. What is even weirder is if I turn the APM2 around on the frame so that it faces the right direction, the copter flips itself on takeoff like its trying…
Dec 27, 2012
Dadamuga Mazino posted a discussion
I just built my Arducopter however, when i connect my battery to the set up the escs start beeping indicating there is a problem with the voltage. When i connect the battery to a lipo battery charger i get and error saying the second cell is below…
Dec 3, 2012
Dadamuga Mazino posted a discussion
I'm currently connecting my APM2.5 to my pc using a usb. When i connect it to the pc using the mission planner the Roll Pitch and Yaw are always waay off from the actual orientation of the board.I have discovered the values for roll pitch and yaw…
Nov 19, 2012
Dadamuga Mazino posted a discussion
Hello guys, I'm another newbie to UAVs (and electronics to an extent). I was wondering, is it possible to power the quadcopter and all its parts such as motors via the APM2's usb port? I'm planning to attach a battery later on however it would be…
Nov 7, 2012
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"a Manhack? D:"
Aug 28, 2012