(Help) AMP2 problem

Hi everyone, I have some problem with my AMP2:

1. After I setup my new AMP2 step by step with instruction in code.google.com it running. But I found if I move any Rx stick quicker the AMP2 auto dis arm, motors still rotate, AMP2 arm led still on but cannot re arm or dis arm or do anything. I swich it off and on, it back to normal, arm and put throttle stick about 30%-40% (without propeller for safe) and hold my hexa by hand, move it forward, backward, left, right...if I move it very slowly, it ok, AMP2 auto adjust power of motors to stabilize, but if I move my hexa faster, the AMP2 auto dis arm and freeze again like when I move Rx stick quicker.

2. When I setup my AMP2 flight mode, I didn't see manual flight in flight mode list. It have many flight mode like stabilize, RTL, Loiter...but not have manual flight mode.
 How do I find manual flight mode? My AMP planer version is 1.1.96

Plz help me solve those problem, thanks you very much!

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  • Thanks all for your help, I will try to power up AMP2 board with separate battery and test again.

  • Are you saying that the APM disarms its self but the motors still spin? "auto dis arm, motors still rotate".

    Can you post a video of the issue so it is easier for everyone to understand what is happening?

    Have you tried watching the Tx inputs from Mission Planner while the issue happens?

    Are you able to get logs off the APM with Mission Planner and post them?

  • Nobody can tell me how to solve my AMP2 problem ? I still cannot flight with it :((.

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    No manual mode for multicopters. APM control is required to mix the rc inputs for multicopter control. (what you may be looking for is Acro mode)
  • Pls check after initial setup if you changed on your radio travel adjust or endpoint settins.

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