Help confirming crash origin.

I suspect equipment failure as my desired pitch and roll were vastly different than the observed and my vibrations went off of the chart at the same time.  Does the mag interference typically correlate with this as well?   

I'm running copter version 3.4.3   550m hex 4s 

2016-12-07 22-01-15.bin

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  • How is your compass mounted? I assume that you are using an external compass/GPS module? I have found that mounting location is very critical for good performance

  • Posting from a phone. The exclamation was supposed to be a question mark. Hah
  • Thanks for the input. Yes I've been plagued with compass variance and mag issues since the beginning. I'm beginning to wonder if the sensor is bad? Any suggestions on testing it's operational status!
  • You may want to check your compass, your mag field has a very large interference as well. I agree there looks to be a mechanical failure as the desired roll/pitch radically diverges towards the end of the flight

  • I did just switch propellers. I went to a thread on dji 9450 and the CCW props felt kind of tight threading on (no I didn't crossthread them), but it's VERY possible something happened with that since it was the only thing I changed on my rig besides the payload.

    Thanks George!
  • Looks Like Prop Broke

  • i'm sorry I was running 3.3.3 during the crash

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