Hello to all..

I have had a 3DR X8 for a long time now... but it has never worked right..

this X8 is one of the first ones... it hovers fine, but once I send it on a mission it starts to shake a lot, this problem is not right away... travels about 100 mts on the mission and then it starts to shake very bad...

one thing I notice is that the bottom props spin slower than the top props, the prop that spins slower is the back, right, bottom..

I replaced allready motors, ESCs and also the pixhawk.. the pixhawk was replaced by 3DR as they thought that the problem was the pixhawk...  they replaced the pixhawk just a few weeks before they went out of bussines..

I test flew the X8 and the problem its still there... and as I dont use this multirotor I put it away...

now I need to do a job with a multirotor and I dont know if I should just build another multirotor or keep trying to fix this one..

I am not a begginer.. I work a lot with airplanes... but this multirotor is giving me a head ache!

I have doubts if the pixhawk cant handle all 8 motors fine.. what do you think?

another thing I have concider is that maybe the motors are not the best quality.. but why the same motor always?

I have the flight log from the last mission that went wrong.. can some one take a look at it and tell me if they see something I am not seeing?


Jose Salido

PS: I am uplading the log..

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