Help me lift off =D

Hi i am building a dorne for the first time, my drone is a x666 frame with

4 860 Kv engines from turnigy 

4x 40c ESC

ardupilot 2.6

zippy 5000 3s 30c batterie

Distribution board

and 11x4.7 blades 

total weight around 1400g

my problem is that it wont take off with full throttle and i am unclear as to what the problem is, if anyone could help then that would be fantastic and if anyone is wondering about further specs then just ask in comments

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  • I am still so stuck in tuning my quad i can't seem to find a way to lift off, every time i try to tune the values in misson planner my quad seems to go either to the left side or flip backwards befor lift off is achieved and when i try to change values so it does not do that then another value is off, is there some auto stability mechanism or software i can use for APM2.6 that can make my quad stable or am i having a center of gravity issue?

  • I would highly recommend only performing tests with props off and spin the motors up in stabilize. You should hear right away whether or not they spin up to full throttle compared to what was happening before. Just don't do it for too long (a few seconds maybe) as it's bad for the motors to go high RPM with no prop attached!

    You can also us the motor test feature in Mission Planner to individually spin up the motors at a certain throttle percentage.

    The only way to "test" with props attached without the copter trying to take off would be to put the props to the wrong motor direction. The copter will still be able to "stabilize" itself but it will be pushing itself down into the ground rather than into the sky. I use this method often when calibrating current sensors.

    However, for your first drone build and maiden flight, you can perform all of the setup and calibration with no props attached and only put them on when you're really ready to take off.

  • Yeah thanks for that it really helped, but do you know a way that i can throttle up the motors without it going to either side or balancing?

  • Wow, yeah no idea how it would have gotten set that way, but I would set it to 1000, write params and assuming everything else is setup right I think you'll have a 3....2....1.....Lift Off!!

  • I just checked my THR_MAx under Full Parameter LIst and it has a value of 80 for some reason while mid has 500 and MIN has 1303702354785?profile=original

  • Do you have a log file or video of the copter trying to take off?

    It sounds like something may be off with the throttle calibration in Mission Planner. With the ESC calibration I believe it's just passing the raw pulses from the RC Receiver to the ESCs, and if they're spinning up fast during ESC calibration but not while going to the flight controller it may be limiting the pulses that are sent to the motors.

    Examine the THR_MAX parameter and make sure the value is between 800 and 1000. The default is 1000. If this isn't 1000, set it there and write parameters and try again.

    With props on and with full-throttle in stabilize mode it should sound like a crazy, angry swarm of bees with all 4 motors going!

  • Something was bothering me tho and for some reason when i am calibrating my ESC my engines go much faster and are much more powerful then when i have finished the calibration and armed it, what im trying to say is that while calibrating the ESC my drone can fly on its own power but not while its out of calibration and just armed.

  • yes it is just rotating on the ground on full throttle but i have not put them the wrong way they are 10x5 pointy prop put them on with cw and ccw direction

  • Is the copter just sitting on the ground with the blades going full-blast when you move the throttle to full? If it's not tipping over or going crazy, you may just have the props on the wrong motors and they're pushing the copter into the ground rather than into the air.

  • Anyone?

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