help me with flying?

Hey all,

I've finally got my hexacopter up and running, and I'm having trouble flying it straight up and down.  When I give the copter a little throttle, it lists in one direction without me touching any of the other controls.  Any suggestions?

Also, how in gods name are you supposed to gently land one of these things.  I try to lower the throttle as slowly as possible, but it still seems to crash land almost every time.

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    Landing is somewhat of a skill set. First you need to be able to hover. Once you can hover, you then can land. From hover point, you need to drop the throttle just a hair till you start to loose altitude. Watch your rate of descent, if its to fast then you may need a hair more throttle. So it's a hair down and hair up, until you get a nice slow descent rate. Note also when you get very close to the ground you will get a bit of push up from your prop wash. At this point you need to lower the throttle a bit more or if you are really close just kill the throttle and land. Hope this helps.
  • The first problem indicates that the copter is not correctly leveled. That said, I also need some info on flying "gently". What parameter(s) will soften the controls? Mine is way too twitchy in stock form.



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