Help needed with in-flight tuning of PID-values

Hi all,

I have a question about the in-flight tuning of PID values.

According to this manual:

I would like to start with tuning in the RATE_P values in acro mode. But the "tune=4" value affects only the RATE_P setting for stable flight, not for acro mode. But I want to isolate the RATE_P from STABILIZE_P to see the effects of chaning the rate value.

Is there a way to tune the RATE_P for acro mode? Or, if not possible, can I set the STABILIZE_P and STABILIZE_I term to zero so only RATE_P is used or would this lead to an instable flight?

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    Hi, I will make a version that tunes rate_P for both at the same time. 

    If you can upload via arduino, here's the code:

    Arducopter.pde Lines 1880 (approx)

    case CH6_RATE_KP:
    g.rc_6.set_range(40,300); // 0 to .3

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