I have been able to sort most issues with the help of some members thnx for that. I am now at the point to test my flightplan /setup with x
plane. I have 2560 board and oil pan with GPS. I have done setup through cli, and have uploaded waypoints to the board using AM Planner. Next step is to connect to Xplane, I have loaded HIL and made the suggested changes in Xplane, however when trying to connect i get - no sim data - 20. ....Any idea what i missed?

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you need to redo the setup in xplanes check the wiki for the instructions
Still battling checked, xplane settings as per manual, still no luck....

if you need help, hit me up in chat




I have received ne version of xplane, looks different though no advanced tab? Please let me know when you are redy to assist


did you check your port setting?

I managed to get all working, however experienced a weird thing.


Xplane hung, i had to rebbot PC and apm since then i have not been able to enter the Ardopilot SIm, instead i get the following

ideas please


Another thing when loading firmware i was always given two option 1280 or 2560, i chose and downloaded the 2560 firmware, now after this i dont have that option anymore no more tick box and just 2.0 available..

the error message looks like you have 2 copys of the ardupilot sim open. and the firmware uploader now autodetects what apm version you have. so no need to select.

Thnx Michael


I have checked, re installed Xplane as well as downloaded new copy of planner, i have full access to board except for if i open AdupilotSim, same message as per pics, so no luck on getitng past this one..has anybody  come accross this...




id verify your port settings in xplanes. the reason for the fail is that ardupilotsim is try to open a udp port that is already open... ie xplanes has the wrong ports in the wrong screens. verify both ports are correct in xplanes.



Somehow, an extra zero found itself giving 490000, must have gone in there 100 times and did not see it :-)  THNX All....

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