Hi.. I'm a beginner. Recently I have got the ArduCopter? kit. Before experimenting on the hardware, I wanted to use in SITL to understand the system. The following things are successfully done so far

1) ArduCopter?.elf is built and running 2) Mission Planner GCS is able to connect to TCP via 5760 and receives data from the running ArduCopter? Executable 3) When sim_multicopter.py is started, the given Lat,Long,Altitude gets reflected in the APM. I can see the QuadCopter? floating in the Specified Altitude.

From here I'm not able to proceed. I'm not able give inputs to the Quad to move. Guided Mode just changes the heading in GCS, but is not moving the Quad.

I'm not sure what I'm missing. Can anyone help me here?

Also, it will be immensely helpful if I can get the Architecture of the ArduCopter? Source Build and User guide for Mission Planner GCS.

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  • I am having the same problem? Has anyone solved it yet?

  • Hmm I am at the same point like you. I am able to read and write waypoints and get some outputs in QGroundControl, but if I change any rc channels with mavproxy or switch to auto mode nothing is changeing. My quad is not moving. Can someone give an advice?



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