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I am interested in multicopters, planes and programming these platforms



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Chris commented on vis.asta's blog post Flooding in Czech Republic, Usti nad Labem, 2013 // 360° Aerial Panorama
the topic is very sad for the affected people, but your work is very impressive. Can you tell something on how you achieved the panaromas? How you have taken the pictures? What software have you used for generating the panorama image...
Jun 7, 2013
Chris commented on Michael Springer's blog post ArdupilotMegaPlanner runs natively on ubuntu linux with the program mono
"Porting to QT would require a complete rewrite of the application because right now it is written in .NET and not C++, but it is now running again on Linux with 1.2.42 . See here: https://github.com/diydrones/MissionPlanner/issues/22#issuecomment-..."
Apr 10, 2013
Chris replied to Deena's discussion Help Required for Software in the Loop simulation for ArduCopter
"Hmm I am at the same point like you. I am able to read and write waypoints and get some outputs in QGroundControl, but if I change any rc channels with mavproxy or switch to auto mode nothing is changeing. My quad is not moving. Can someone give an…"
Mar 21, 2013
Chris replied to anubhav prabakar's discussion obstacle avoidance programing using 6 maxbotix (XL-max sonar - EZ/AE) range finders (arducopter) in Learning to program the Ardupilot Mega
"I am currently working on this. First implementation for 4 sensors(front,back,right,left) is done, hardware is set up. I am right now looking for a safe way of testing this (At the moment I am trying to get a simulation working), because I am afraid…"
Mar 14, 2013
Chris commented on agmatthews's blog post Creating an I2C sonar for Arducopter
"I do not agree with wasting program space:
avr-size --mcu=atmega2560 --format=avr /tmp/ArduCopter.build/ArduCopter.elf AVR Memory Usage----------------Device: atmega2560
Program: 214054 bytes (81.7% Full)(.text + .data + .bootloader)
Data: 5544…"
Feb 27, 2013
Chris commented on agmatthews's blog post Creating an I2C sonar for Arducopter
"I have also just bought the i2c version of the max sonar. I already did some changes in the Ardupilot code regarding this. My concern of detecting it automatically is, that a dynamic creation would increase the code size. Right now I am using…"
Feb 26, 2013
Chris replied to Neil Ohnemus's discussion Question on using multiple 3dr radios to control multiple drones
"I am wondering as well, no one ever tried this? I had a look on the datasheet for the used  chipset 
http://www.hoperf.com/upload/rf_app/HM-TRP.pdf and I can not find any information about multi-link, multi-point.... connection and also nothing in…"
Feb 21, 2013