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Hi guys,
I was wondering if I can use this the FTDI Basic Board ( instead of the FTDI cable ( to load the code onto the ArduPilot board. It's just that I already have the basic board and really need to save some cash. 
From what I understand I just have to make sure it's switched to 3.3 and the rest is the same. If I'm wrong please let me know before I blow my board!

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  • you should find the solder jumper on the bottom side of the board cut the default trace between the solder pad on the 5.5 and middle pads , and link the middle pad to the 3.3v pad , and that should be it, or you could cut the trace and buy a mini slide switch install that and then you can switch back and forth much easier instead of having to solder, something like this would do the trick
  • Nope you are correct , just switch the voltage and plug it in the right way to your AP board and select the appropriate com ports and you should be able to load the code
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