Help! X-rock Bluetooth - 433MHx bridge

Hi there,

i have just got one of the X-rock RTB box from thanksbuyer / goodluckbuy however as with most chinese products there was no manual supplied!


does anyone have one of these and know the Bluetooth pin? i have tried the usual suspects 0000, 1234, 1111 etc.

have contacted the supplier who said they would get back to me but i thought i would ask if anyone else has got one and sussed out the settings?

Many thanks


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  • Hi does any one have the wiring diagram for the Xrock air modual please,many thank's

  • Managed to get the manual and for anyone else that buys one the bluetooth pass key is 0008 (would never ha e guessed that)

    It seems to work pretty well on the bench will try it in the air shortly.
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