Hex Copeter motor setup problem

Setting up my jdrones hex copter and the motors on number 7 and 8 channel make a constant beeping at 4 beeps per second. The ECS guide advises throttle is not in lowest position even though it was. I then put throttle in top position and plugged the battery in and motors on 7 and 8 channel beep every 2 seconds as if the signal wire is not connected to the ESC.

I did a full manual calibration of each ESC one at a time. I did a full APM rest and reinstalled the firmware. (3 times now) I checked the TX is setup properly and the functions in Raw, Radio for both input and output are all working in the correct sequence. All looks good there.

Any ideas on why the 7th and 8th channel are sending the wrong signal?


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  • ok guy!! if sorted it out and see my dumb error .. I had the output plugs into pins 123456 all grouped together instead of 1234..78. Sorry for the drama!. silly thing is I pulled the whole thing apart before I spotted it..:P (cant see the forest for the trees) thanks all your input.

  • Well, the beeping means your not getting a valid pwm signal to those 2 ESCs because you haven't followed the wiring diagram for the firmware version you have loaded. Basically what Duy is trying to point out.

    See here why version is critical http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/arducopter-2-3-released

  • double check which frame of firmware was installed in CLI by command:


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