Hi all,

This may seem like a really basic problem, and no doubt many of you will be telling me that i have set things up wrongly. I have been through the wiki about 8 times checking, double checking and octi-checking every parameter i can think of, but when i throttle up on my hex-copter, it wants to roll to the right.

To be sure i have the motors connected correctly, i checked the wiki and have run the motor test to which everything seems to agree that it is setup correctly. I have calibrated the accelerometer and the platform is level on the HUD. I have also checked roll and pitch outputs from the transmitter and they are orientated the correct way and are reading as central in mission planner. Here is my motor configuration:


When i throttle up, channel 2, 3 and 6 outputs (left side of craft) are higher than the right side and the multi-rotor quite rightly starts tipping to the right. I have tried re-calibrating the accelerometers and same thing is happening

I would really appreciate if someone could get me an answer as i have been scratching my head for about 2 weeks trying to figure this out

Things i have tried:

  • reversing channels on transmitter
  • checked motors are connected properly
  • re-calibrated accelerometers
  • checked outputs of transmitter
  • ensured props are the right way round
  • Re-calibrated the ESCs

Will owe you a beer if you can crack it!



2015-11-13 16-38-37.tlog

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  • This use to be a problem when using channel mapping.  If the throttle was mapped to channel 1 instead of 3 this type of thing would happen.

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    Post the Dataflash log if you can. 

    After I set up a new copter I make sure the props are off, then throttle up to 25% and then tilt the craft forward/aft, left/right manually and listen/watch for the lower motors speeding up. So tilt forward and the front motor/s should audibly speed up.

    After that test I put it outside on grass/lawn then I increase the throttle (in Stabilize mode only with the props on) until it just starts getting light on the skids, (not too much). Then I push the pitch stick forward gently and watch if the copter tilts forward a little, same with stick back and right/left. This shows me instantly if the behaviour is correct.

  • A critical aspect of multirotor design is mechanical balance. Clearly if a craft is mis-balanced the motors have to work hard to simply level the craft. So hang your craft by a string from the center point and see if it naturally tips to one side or if it stays level.

    That said, most of my craft take-off tilted a little during take-off. You have to give a short bold throttle movement to get them off the ground a few feet and then they level out and everything is ok.


  • Hi Friend
    I used to encounter with this problem with my XCoptor as well.

    I found an unbalance propeller which has some defect on its tip. After it was replaced, the problem was solved.

    I would suggest to try to find something wrong on mechanical failure.

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