Okay so we had a crash.. well it dropped out of the sky and landed on the GPS structure.   The casing was sound replaced the bent and broken parts (GPS mount, two blades).  I broke the bird down and started from scratch and the sequence of spinning (starting clockwise from 1 to 6 is correct). Did the walk through set up again on the newest version of Mission Planner and the bird just wants to spin clockwise upon takeoff.  I can put in Alt hold and it stays at Alt but still spins.

1. Do I have a bad GPS?

2. Do I have a bad APM 2.6?

3. When I broke it all down did i screw something up?

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  • Did you get your bird flying again? i am having the same problem. I have an APM 2.6 and after a decent crash i had to replace a motor and an arm and now my copter just spins when i give it throttle and it comes off the ground. I have the 3DR GPS w/ internal compass and it seems like it is functioning correctly. when i connect to the Mission Planner and move the bird around i can see all of the attitude controls moving accordingly. Including the compass. So my natural thought is that i managed to damage the IMU in the APM. Is there any kind of a test that will check its health?

    • Yep got her up and running again, I swapped ended up breaking it all down, checked all the leads, solders and upload with an older version of mission control and it worked. must have had a ghost or it just wanted some TLC!

    • Just want to follow up. I got my problem resolved. Backwards rotors. Doh!

      • Good to hear you sorted it out. I may have to change my title text to 'flipping and spinning'...


        Which bullet would you say was the closest to your solution?


        • Motor direction incorrect + Incorrect propellers.

  • Is your compass declination set correctly? Maybe try running compassmot and see what your interference value is too.

  • Replaced the external compass and it still has the same wildly fast clockwise spin.  Anyone got anymore idea of what to do?


  • T3
    You might have a bad compass. GPS holds position, compass holds direction.
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