hexa- and octocopter with carbon monocoque, dust and rain proofed

hi folks, 
want to share with you this new frames i found.

FC6-900 - hexacopter, carbon monocoque , 900mm diameter , pluggable arms, dust- and rain proofed, weight without battery 1800g, 1 x 6s - 10.000 mah, flighttime with 5kg. take of weight up to 30 min. max. prop size 16"

FC8-1200 - octocopter, ( also available as x8 ) carbon monocoque, 1200mm diameter, pluggable , dust- and rain proofed, weight without battery 2600g, 2x 6s 10.000 mah. 
flighttime with 8 kg. take off weight up to 20 min, max. prop size 18"

in both systems, battery will be placed inside the monocoque.

koax system also possible.

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