hexa copter calibration problem


building a hexacopter.  all electronics tested,  but i have the following problem:

when I push the throttle the motors do not start at the same time.,  i have one motor starting at 6 % trottle,  another at 27, 2 at 30% and another at circa 64%.

I tried both automatic and manual calibration.

Can someone advise what i am doing wrong.

SPECS as follows:

pros 12x4.5

esc 30 A

APM2.0, and mni osd

battery - 3 x 5A. 40C

motors Rc trimer 880KV

RC trasmitter Walkera devo 7

if someone could help me that would be great


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  • We have the hexacopter with the 780kv motors and the 11x4.7 blades and without some kind of ballast, yeah, it is way overpowered for the PIDs for the quad, which is what we start with (I guess).  We are using the Mission Planner for Windows 7.  One thing we've found is a recommendation to set RATE ROLL P down from 0.14 to 0.09.

    Definitely, though, thrust isn't right as in altitude hold if we crank in a big turn it will descend (into the ground even) and then climb way high above the set altitude as the I factor saturates the PID loop... or something... we don't really understand it all just yet.

    Interestingly using X-plane in the loop with the quadcopter we get similar behavior, so it's a good testbed to experiment with to understand how it all works, but we haven't gotten that far yet.

  • Does your transmitter have a servo monitor function?

    That is where I would start. Check your Tx is on Plane and not Heli, and that when the throttle goes up only the throttle channel is responding.

    Next I would plug a servo into the Rx on throttle and check that works as expected.

    If you have 6 servos plug them into the APM and see if they are moving in sync.

    At least it will lead you to the cause, Tx, Rx, APM or ESC's

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