HEXA Overshoots in Loiter and Alt-Hold


I have a medium size FY680 Tarot Iron Man Hexa Frame of about 3 Kg at full load with 8000 mAH 4S battery pack. The platform is very stable and smooth in stabilize mode, but it overshoots when I switch to Lotier and alt hold; When I switch in those modes the copter tends to overshoot gaining more altitude and then little by little it descends below the altitude where the loiter command was given.

because of higher inertia of the frame with respect to the 3DR Hexa frame, I suppose I should start configuring the Nav_P term (actually the P parameters, one for alt hold and one for Loiter), according to the wiki guide:  


but I cannot find the matching from variable names  in the Mission Planner software (GUI) and those in the configuration file; in other words in the image attached can you help me understand which from the 2 parameters in red should be modified for Loiter? Can you point me to the right discussion, if any or give some tips ,please?

I'm using ArduCopter 2.9.1b and Mission Planner 1.2.32 ( will soon upgrade to 1.2.50). I did not move any other configuration from the default settings. 

Thanks to all.



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  • Hi

    I'm also flying the Tarot frame with ipower 2814 motors and 12x6 props just moved on to Arducopter 3.01 and experiencing similar problems to those you describe. Have you worked out your loiter problems yet? What settings are you currently flying with. C 

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