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Colin Henderson replied to Navigant's discussion MINIMOSD STOPS OVERLAYING DATA
"Ok I have been following this and other threads about the same problem for months with no joy until today when I had my first ever completely successful flight with a minimOSD!!!
I tried almost all of the fixes and suggestions mentioned here with…"
Oct 11, 2015
Colin Henderson replied to Mark Swift's discussion MinimOSD help, run out of ideas.
"Has this problem ever been solved, I am experiencing exactly the same issues as Mark and have tried all of the fixes mentioned here and elsewhere but to no avail!
At home in the house everything works fine I see all my telemetry and if i fire up the…"
Oct 11, 2015
Colin Henderson replied to Edgar Scott's discussion RTL activated but not sure why in ArduCopter User Group
"If it was not that you say you can fly further in stabilize I would have said check that you don't have FENCE setup inside your
mission area. I was following my drone walking down the beach not long ago when it suddenly departed back over my…"
May 6, 2015
Colin Henderson replied to Colin Henderson's discussion Arducopter 3.2 on APM2.5 -Problem with drone lurching its way between standard waypoints in ArduCopter User Group
"Hi Mike
Yes yes... that sounds exactly like the problem I am experiencing. I will try going the other way and increasing the speed. The other thing I want to try is reducing the acceleration. My drone is quite heavy with the camera payload and…"
May 5, 2015
Colin Henderson replied to Colin Henderson's discussion Arducopter 3.2 on APM2.5 -Problem with drone lurching its way between standard waypoints in ArduCopter User Group
"Hi Mike
I do have  30s delays at the waypoints for panorama capture. However that's not my problem. My problem is in the transit between waypoints not when it hits one. This is when i'm experiencing the instabilities.
Many thanks for the quick…"
May 4, 2015
Colin Henderson posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
I need some advice. concerning tuning out a problem I have with my 800 hex stalling pulling up then continuing forward between way points during standard (no splines) waypoint missions even in no wind conditions.I have tried reducing the WP…
May 4, 2015
Colin Henderson replied to Matt Zweige's discussion Possible ArduCopter 3.2 Update Issues
"Don't know if I am experiencing the same problem but since upgrading to 3.2 my hex no longer has enough power to hover with the gimbal and camera on board. There must be a setting somewhere that's been changed it should lift off with about 50%…"
Feb 1, 2015
Colin Henderson commented on Marco Robustini's blog post "Hybrid" (PosHold) flight mode, what was missing in APM Copter now is reality!
"Just installed the hybrid code and find everything seems ok except I no longer have any logs!
I checked the paramiters and sure enough LOG_BITMASK is set to disabled. So I enable this and try again.
However each time I disconnect from planner and…"
Mar 27, 2014
Colin Henderson replied to Gerard Toonstra's discussion Camera triggering message through telemetry?
"Just a note this last point which tripped me up for a moment to enable camera entries in the log the command is 'enable camera' not enable cam!"
Mar 8, 2014
Colin Henderson replied to Colin Henderson's discussion Does a D0_DIGICAM_CONTROL appear in the log file outside of a mission? If so what anagram does it use?
"Many thanks for that Gerald you have put me on the right track. A couple of notes for anyone else following this thread the command to enable camera logging is 'enable camera' not enable cam as stated on the other thread.
Also while  triggering the…"
Mar 8, 2014
Colin Henderson posted a discussion
I am currently setting up to do a mapping task and have two requirements.Geo reference the images both for mission mapping but also when i trigger the camera manually from mission planner and  mavlink I want to see exactly where I was when the shot…
Mar 8, 2014
Colin Henderson commented on Andreas's blog post RCTimer Brushless Gimbal and Controller
"Help Needed
Just managed to burn out My Alexmoss board by plugging in the 3 axis board one pin to the left rather than right !!!. The result is it has blown a small mossfet just above the USB port titled Q1 on the board.
Since I no longer have any…"
Oct 21, 2013
Colin Henderson replied to Alberto Mennella's discussion HEXA Overshoots in Loiter and Alt-Hold
I'm also flying the Tarot frame with ipower 2814 motors and 12x6 props just moved on to Arducopter 3.01 and experiencing similar problems to those you describe. Have you worked out your loiter problems yet? What settings are you currently flying…"
Aug 8, 2013
Colin Henderson left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"Hi All I am having a problems taming the throttle on my hex. I'm new to the hobby so bare with me on this but while on the ground tuning if i up the throttle about a third and stop the motors continue to accelerate on there own quite a bit more in a…"
Jun 2, 2013