Hexa purchase decisions

After spending the summer successfully shooting AP with a small quad built from cheap components from GLB, I am getting ready to build a slightly more powerful hexa to carry a larger camera. 

Does anyone have any feedback about pairing this frame:


with these motors:


and 30a simonk escs also from rctimer? 

On the quad I built previously I was totally in the dark about multirotor setup and it took me months to get something that flies well. Id really like the folding nature of that tarot frame for travel, and Ive seen reasonable arguments for disc motors over more standard motors, but maybe Im once again trying to be too fancy and should keep it simple by getting a complete known-to-work configuration setup from someplace like jdrones (like the simplex hexa with the upgraded parts)?

I know these types of threads are a dime a dozen, but any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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  • The only problem i see is here that I've heard simonk firmware will not work with pancake motors, but not sure why this is.

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