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Chad Hill commented on Gerard Toonstra's blog post Cheap 1-2cm (scale) accuracy for your surveys
"look in RTKLib to see if you are getting more cycle slips in the ones that arent getting a good result?"
Feb 6, 2017
Chad Hill replied to Thomas Stanley-Jones's discussion Sync Images of Canon Cameras in Terrain/Surface Mapping
"You probably want to check out SDM (StereoDataMaker). SDM was developed from CHDK specifically to overcome the problem you are having, I think. It was designed for people to make stereoscopic photos with sync rates of "a fraction of a millisecond".…"
Apr 4, 2016
Chad Hill replied to Chad Hill's discussion Planning "multiple battery" missions?
"Hi Adam, 

Thanks so much for the heads up about checking previous missions with ctrl+o. That sounds like it might be quite useful. Ill check it out. 

I still think it would be an important feature to be able to intentionally generate multiple…"
Jan 26, 2016
Chad Hill posted a discussion
I have been doing mapping missions with APM and Pixhawk for a while. I often want to map areas that are too large to cover in one flight (as I am sure do many people). I end up planning multiple missions and eyeballing the overlap between each…
Dec 18, 2015
Chad Hill commented on Gerard Toonstra's blog post Cheap 1-2cm (scale) accuracy for your surveys
Could you provide a little more info about your setup above for static post-processing? Id love to try building one of these. Thanks!"
Sep 30, 2015
Chad Hill commented on crystal garris's blog post techpos summer sale July 15-31
"Wayne, Im very interested in trying the techpod. Are there any good tricks for transporting it once built? It seems like a great plane, so my biggest concern is being able to travel with it. "
Jul 20, 2014
Chad Hill posted a discussion
After spending the summer successfully shooting AP with a small quad built from cheap components from GLB, I am getting ready to build a slightly more powerful hexa to carry a larger camera. Does anyone have any feedback about pairing this…
Nov 22, 2012