techpos summer sale July 15-31

Techpod kits are going on sale from today until july 31st They will be available for $140 to all US and Canadian customers.

techpos sale_edited-1

All newly shipped techpod kits will be shipped with these great upgrade parts which make the tail and wing very easy to remove and transport.



For those of you who already own a techpod and want to purchase the upgrade kits, they are available separately here. Techpod upgrades.


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  • 100KM


    I uploaded the newest version of the parts for the tooless wing upg... feel free to print your own out!


     Thanks,after the new upgrades the TP will fit into about a 53x14x10 inch box. 

  • Wayne, Im very interested in trying the techpod. Are there any good tricks for transporting it once built? It seems like a great plane, so my biggest concern is being able to travel with it. 

  • @naish88 - agreed.

  • @naisha88 - You are comparing the current 'on sale' price to the previous price which is what BoltRC would have paid. If you think all that running a business is about is placing an ad and reselling then I think you may be mistaken. How about all the money BoltRC would have tied up in keeping stock, all the time they spend helping their customers etc? Wayne's resellers are supporting him by stocking the Techpod remember. By buying in bulk and shipping to Australia BoltRC has saved us all money. But if you prefer to cut out the local guy and go direct then that's your choice of course. I still think you may be doing yourself a disservice by not speaking with the local dealer first. Who knows, they might have plans to put the Techpod on sale as well? Putting all this aside, I already have my Techpod from BoltRC bought almost a year ago. Believe it or not I haven't built it yet. I can't wait as it looks like a really cool plane. Cheers. 

  • The fact is simple, wayne is selling the Techpod for $140 + $180(shipping)= $320  BoltRc is selling the plane for $275 + Shipping  (to my place $37) = $312. Few dollars less than Wayne store. Now if Wayne can make the the box less than 46 inches, will cost less for the shipment.  I do support local busyness when is Aus. made, not when the only thing they do is do buy that ad sell that again for double of the cost. I do prefer to support Wayne directly if I have to.  Anyway  the only reason why I do prefer to make my own out of a mould is that I don't want to spend $300 for a foam Model. 

  • @naisha88 - How is it possible to get it for less from US or Europe if shipping from those countries to Aus is so expensive? I don't understand. Anyway, before you make up your mind consider supporting our local supplier and give Mark a call at BoltRC in Perth. He's a very reasonable guy and very supportive of our hobby. Who knows, maybe he will do you a deal?

  • Thanks Wayne for the response.. Unfortunately in Australia we get charged more for everything.. so if I buy the Techpod from the Australian dealer I have to Pay $270 + shipping... will cost me less to get it form Europe or US

  • 100KM

    Sorry for the poor calculator. The biggest problem is the package dimensions.  53x10x6 inches the weight is about 7 lbs. I have a distro in Australia and one in the EU.  I have the tail mod here. the wing mods are the as well but I need to update it. The CF rod is a custom wrap I do in my garage. If anyone wants to ship via an alternative method, feel free to PM me or email me and we can set up something. Many countries a limited to 46 inches via national post. I can get the kit down to 46 inches if needed.

  • Moderator

    I'd guess the shipping calculator a bit broken or the dimensions of the package making normal couriering prohibitive. Wayne are there any EU or UK stockists? If not does anyone fancy a group buy? I have a few friends who work in freight forwarding I'd bet we can get 10 of these air freight for next to nothing. 

  • Very cool, great price but shipping $300....sorry, that's not reasonable. Shipping alternatives??

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