Hexa Wobles in the Wind.

APM 2.5 AC 3.0.1 

DJI 550 Flamewheel.

F30 ESC Simonk

Multistar 2216 800kv

10x47 Slowfly.

My hexa is flying perfect in dead calm, but it behaves like a different animal when there is a slight breeze. It just wants to tilt in certain direction and slow wobbles in x and y axis so it is hard to make it stay still and hover. The tilting last for maybe half second before changing to another axis.

I give you the shots of my vibration, I suspect it is the vibration but i notice the vibration is well within limits.

Really appreciated if someone can have a look. I am at lost. Probably the last thing i could to is to change to stiffer carbon nylon props as my gemfan slowfly probably flex and causing some vibration.

I have all 6 ESC under the main plate. My compassmot result is 8%(err maybe 80%), could this also effect the behavior?

Update 1: (6 Nov)

Here is more detail on how i set up my APM maybe the problem is there??

APM Powered by Power Module via 6 wire connection to PM Port on APM. JP Jumper is installed, Power lead(red) and Ground lead(Black) from the ESC is cut so only the Signal wire(white) is connected to APM Ouput. Is this correct?

Update 2: (21 Nov)

Moved all 6 ESCs from the Main Plate to each arm. Now Compassmot reported 18%, previously was 8% weird(could i read it wrong? maybe 80%?). Put a EM shield made of alluminium sheet, and twist every power cables. 

Flashed AC 3.1 RC5 and Tuned the PID Again.

Everything is now much more stable than before even in slight wind, angle is hold quite nicely not sure it is because of the AC 3.1 RC5 or the tuning i did on EM interference. Will test in a real windy situation and see hot it goes. Finger crossed. 

Still has slight issue with Yaw, it doesn't feels locked in as well as my multiwii. 

My Current AC 3.1 RC5 PID. 3691075479?profile=original




2013-11-02 14-55 2.log

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  • you can solve your problem by set all I-term to 0


  • Anyone?

    I changed to stiffer carbon prop to no avail as well as changing to smaller 9x47 prop also no change in behavior. If money permitting i would probably built a new aluminium hexa frame as the DJI flamewheel arms i suspect could be too soft and flex and cousing vibration. Just shooting in the dark here, i am really really at lost.

    I have new set of 6 Sunnysky 2216 800kv motor and will swap out the Turnigy Multistar and see if it makes any different (which i doubt)

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