I have completed a new HexaCopter which is based on the DroidWorx AD-6 airframe.  I have installed and wired the new Hexa Power PCB (from JDrones) using the jDrones 30 Amp ESCs and AC2836-358, 880Kv motors.  I am also using the same APM, GPS, Xbee Pro that I have on my ArduCopter Quad.

I wired up the Power Distribution board per the grahics on WIKI which shows the proper connections between the motors and the ESCs.  After completion I loaded the latest firmware, calibrated the ESCs and found that the motors are running in opposite directions.  The CW motors are running CCW and the CCW motors are running CW.  I also need to verify which leads from the Power Distribution Board go to which output pins on the APM.  There are no drawings or instructions on the HexaCopter consturction yet.


Do I have to change the connections between the motors and the ESCs or is there an easier way to reverse the direction of the motors?


Here are some pics of the project:3690879407?profile=original



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  • That is one pretty machine. I'll be building something very similar myself in the near future, although I'll be using Rusty's Rev-8 frame (much cheaper than Droidworx, but similar in style and quality). Also, since this is my first multi-rotor, I've purchased the hex kit from JDrones and will transfer everything to the new frame once I get everything figured out with the stock frame.


    I'm curious; does the xbee antenna fit inside the Droidworx Dome? I'm also interested to know if the dome interferes with GPS quality at all.


    Cool build - I'm eager to see more.

  • Very keen to follow your project, building a Droidworx ADX 4 myself


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