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Todd Steury replied to duane's discussion Forever yawing
"I've had similar problems ever since we updated to 2.055, with the problems persisting in 2.1, and seen other users with similar yaw problems (an maybe related roll or pitch problems). 

I was able to get the problem to go away in 2.055 by resetting…"
Jan 10, 2012
Todd Steury replied to F5PQL's discussion Problem with my Hexa
"If your copter is sitting still, but connected to Mission Planner, does the compass bearing on the heads-up-display continually spin, that is indicate that the copter is spinning even though it's sitting still? "
Jan 3, 2012
Todd Steury replied to Brian Boyle's discussion Copter rolls left
"When you say that you've done two auto levels in the basement, what exactly do you mean? Did you level using the 'hold yaw left 10 seconds' or did you use 'in-flight leveling' (hold yaw right for 20 seconds)?
Also, have you checked your center of…"
Jan 2, 2012
Todd Steury replied to Gil Rosenthal's discussion Multirotor Madness
"I would think the easiest way to make a dodecacopter  or hexadecacopter with APM would be to simply use a hex or octo frame (respectively) with props both above and below the arms (i.e., like a y-6, but with 6 or 8 arms instead of 3).

I'm no…"
Dec 23, 2011
Todd Steury replied to Todd Steury's discussion Help with random yaw drift
"Thanks for the suggestions. I re-installed 2.055, cleared eeprom, and re-setup the copter. I also switched power for APM from ESC to a dedicated UBEC, just in case. That seemed to do the trick - yaw drift is gone now.
My guess is that the compass…"
Dec 19, 2011
Todd Steury posted a discussion
All,Lately I've been having a problem with random yaw in my hex where it wasn't before.Two problems. First, it always wants to yaw 10-15 degrees at take-off, but I don't think it's a crooked arm/motor as it doesn't always yaw the same direction. In…
Dec 15, 2011
Todd Steury posted a discussion
Why is the compass declination I've specified under setup in APM Planner different from the value reported for "COMPASS_DEC" under AC2 configuration in APM Planner? Is this a bug, or do these mean different things? 
Dec 14, 2011
Todd Steury replied to Todd Steury's discussion Problem using in-flight leveling
"I'm starting to feel like this is just a conversation with myself. Oh well; posting here what I've learned for posterity and future APM users. 
So looking at the code, it does appear that activating auto_trim in channel 7 works exactly the same as…"
Nov 1, 2011
Todd Steury replied to Geir Engebakken's discussion Level and Center of gravity - basics
"It's the propellers that have to be level. It doesn't matter if the APM, frame, or anything else is level, only the props - after all, it's the props that generate thrust.
There are two ways to set level in the field, which is potentially better…"
Nov 1, 2011
Todd Steury replied to Ruwan's discussion Buying Turnigy 9x
"The left stick isn't spring loaded on the m2, whereas it's the right stick that isn't spring loaded on the m1. The non-spring-loaded stick is used for throttle. Ultimately, it's your choice which one you want to use, but most people have the…"
Nov 1, 2011
Todd Steury replied to Todd Steury's discussion Problem using in-flight leveling
Still having problems getting in-flight leveling to last longer than 13 seconds in my hexacopter. From browsing the forum and the Wiki, it looks like I can set up the software to allow me to turn in-flight leveling on an off using channel 7.…"
Oct 28, 2011
Todd Steury replied to John's discussion Need some help with my new Hexa...
"Is your APM connected to the ESC's? If your APM is not connect to the ESCs, then the ESCs will continue to beep non-stop. If that's the case, either learn to live with it (it's annoying, but you don't want your props spinning up when you least…"
Oct 26, 2011
Todd Steury replied to Todd Steury's discussion Problem using in-flight leveling
"Nope, re-installing the firmware didn't fix the problem....."
Oct 16, 2011
Todd Steury posted a discussion
All, I've been trying to use the in-flight leveling function in my jdrones hexacopter, but can't ever seem to get it to work. After some trial and error, I've come to the conclusion that for some reason, the in-flight leveling only seems to be…
Oct 16, 2011
Todd Steury replied to Stephen S's discussion Radio calibrate issues
"Did you bind the receiver with the transmitter? Even though the receiver came with the transmitter, I still had to bind the Tx/Rx for my Turnigy 9x first."
Oct 2, 2011
Todd Steury left a comment for Jani Hirvinen
"Hi Jani. Loving the new hexacopter kit. Very nicely done. Does JDrones have led covers for the motor mounts?
Sep 24, 2011