After having built a quad that works very well in v2.1 and so I decide to build a hexacopter.
I need help because I do not understand the reaction of my hexacopter and above all the way to find a solution.

It has a permanent YAW on the right, I tried the version 2.0.49, 2.0.55 and 2.1 but I have the same problem. I tried to angle of 3° engines but the result is not very conclusive even if the attenuated. And I calibrated correctly the 6 ESC. 

Someone just give me an idea? can be of examles of parameters with PID. Because I use the default settings.

Thank you in advance


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If your copter is sitting still, but connected to Mission Planner, does the compass bearing on the heads-up-display continually spin, that is indicate that the copter is spinning even though it's sitting still? 

No problem with the compass saw with Mission Planner.

Often this is because the frame is not perfectly aligned and some motors have to work harder then others to stay level.  In this case the torque's of the motors do not cancel each other out perfectly and the resulting torque makes the copter yaw slowly.  I think after a while the yaw I term should counter this however.

Another reason might be that your transmitter yaw position is not very exact and that it commands a slight yaw.

Or maybe your trims are not centered ?  Do a radio calibration again and a radio test and check that radio values are between -4500 and 4500 and stay constant around 0 if you don't move the sticks.

Ok, thank you for all the details. I will try to remake a radio settings. But I donot think it comes from this side, because I have to move the stick on the left, materially to compensate for this defect.
I visited your blog and saw your video and stability of your hexa ;-)
Where did you get your foot on which your hexa ?


Can anyone give me an image of its PID parameters for a hexa. This is just to give me an idea if I'm not an error in my settings.

While I still need to do a fair amount of tuning, my hex flies pretty good with the default PID values. All I've really done is decrease the stabilize P to account for the greater power.

Same here, usually I decrease stabilise P from 4.6 to 4.0.

I can tell you that a slow constant yaw is most likely not because of bad pid's.  Bad pid's give you wobbling and oscillations or a very lazy copter, but not a constant yaw to 1 side.

Is your center of gravity in the middle ?

I never put my foot on my hexa.  It cannot carry my weight.  It would be crushed.

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