Hexacopter crashed. What's in the log?

On Saturday I launched my hexacopter another time. Things went as usual, while I was at STABILIZE mode and ACRO. When I had switched to ALT_HOLD the hexa suddenly stopped and fell down like a rock. I switched back to ACRO quickly and tried to catch it in the air. I had only partial success. My hexa crashed hard and frame was damaged.

I don't like such sudden crash with no visible cause. So what has happened? Here is the log, but I am not so skilled to find out the reason. Would anybody be kind to take a look?

May be the the reason is that I don't use neither separate BEC, nor power module but one of the ESC's internal one. The battery was not exhausted.

2013-06-15 19-11 2.log

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  • I have been compiling several DIYD discussions regarding ALT_HOLD.

    When you switched, the Throttle Out dropped to 130 which is probably near, or below minimum throttle. The 'fix' is to adjust variables relating to ALT_HOLD.

    Mind you, I have not tried this mode yet.

    The variables, PID (commonly called) are discussed HERE.

    I am on a different PC now but will later try to post the discussions I found regarding ALT_HOLD.

    You are not the first person to experience this.


  • The

    The tlog would provide a 'playback' mode if you can upload it.

    How many flights (battery cycles) have you had on this aircraft before going to ALT_HOLD?

    The log states your battery monitoring is disabled:(you have APM 2 -- I added my AttoPilot sensor later)

    3692747307?profile=originalYou log looks like you made several flights -- 5 or 6

    3692747194?profile=originalI have marked some suspicious events with the yellow lines (click the picture for a larger view).

    When you switched to ALT_HOLD, the (now) obvious level of throttle out (from the APM) almost tanked:

    3692747362?profile=originalI don't think you need to turn on MOTORS so that we can monitor each motor drive, it looks like a setup issue with ALT_HOLD to me.

    Still looking over your log...


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