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I am an amateur, but with some background. I am interested in various applications of drones.



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Peter commented on Rob_Lefebvre's blog post Arducopter Non-Simulated Motor Failure Test!
"So was it happy chance or "stability and fault tolerance"?"
Jul 17, 2013
Peter commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post New huge multicopter motors from Hobby King
"Is it possible to buy 24'' carbon pusher prop?"
Jul 7, 2013
Peter commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post New huge multicopter motors from Hobby King
"Well. I tried to find the answer myself.
Consider 105 kv engine. 6S gives 22.2 V. There would be 2331 rpm at full power.
Suppose we have 26x5 2-blade propeller.
Then I used this site.
The result was 3.01 kg for standard propeller, and 3.28 kg for…"
Jul 7, 2013
Peter commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post New huge multicopter motors from Hobby King
"How much thrust can it possibly sustain with 6S battery and 26'' props?"
Jul 7, 2013
Peter commented on Andreas's blog post Drone shot down by police
"The pilot felt safe. That was the fault."
Jun 18, 2013
Peter posted a discussion
On Saturday I launched my hexacopter another time. Things went as usual, while I was at STABILIZE mode and ACRO. When I had switched to ALT_HOLD the hexa suddenly stopped and fell down like a rock. I switched back to ACRO quickly and tried to catch…
Jun 17, 2013
Peter replied to Dean's discussion Hexacopter crash. Please help!'
"May be, the reason is that the propeller was not fixed properly."
Jun 17, 2013
Peter commented on vis.asta's blog post qadrocopter 125 min in the air
"Аста, тут вот в чем дело. Когда предъявляют такой результат, с одной стороны это круто, бесспорно, а с другой стороны, это как отличник пришел, похвастался какой он крутой, и молчит, на вопросы не отвечает, ничем не поделится. Поэтому такое вот…"
Mar 22, 2013
Peter posted a discussion
Hello. I faced the problem with the GPS. The cable for my MediaTek GPS is too short for my build and I am looking for a longer one. Is it possible to use longer cable with greater resistance (about twice as long as default)? What is the name of the…
Mar 1, 2013
Peter replied to Peter's discussion Powering APM
"I have one question left unanswered: how much wires should connect ESC to APM? I am not sure, docs says that one, but usually there should be at least two for a closed circuit."
Feb 21, 2013
Peter commented on Jani Hirvinen's photo
"This scheme is wrong and could cause problems for anyone trying to reproduce it with this Futaba RX. On this picture the signal wire should go to the pin on the left, "+" - to the center, "-" to the right"
Feb 19, 2013
Peter commented on Christiaan van Vollenstee's blog post APM 2.5 Power Layout
"BatShare from Smart-Fly - the one for 29.95
Seems a bit overpriced for a bunch of wire, a LED, and some diodes. Well, may be, it could protect the second battery if the first caught internal short circuit, but I have never heard of the crash of that…"
Feb 19, 2013
Peter posted a discussion
I have an APM2.5 board and I am building my first hexacopter, so the first build seems harder.Now I am trying to understand the basics of powering of the APM board. At first, do I understood correct, that if JP1 jumper is not set, I should power…
Feb 15, 2013
Peter commented on Gareth Rens's blog post FrankenCopter build coming soon! 1 of 1 ;)
"Gareth, I choosed motors and controllers for my copter under the influence of your posts. My copter is not ready, and now I am collecting information that can be helpful. Would you be kind to give me an advice or two on G10 motors and Turnigy dlux…"
Feb 13, 2013