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    @Stephen: what type of servos do you have? From my research servos draw 400-500mA no load. So under load it's a bit more. The APM/RX/3DR telemetry radio takes about 250mA, so if that's on the 1A supply only you should be ok.

    You should test the negative lines, I suspect they are common anyway. You may not need to connect them.
  • I took your design and modified it a bit for ultimate failsafe return to landing solution.



  • @Christiaan - The 1 A power supply is this mini board:

    The servos are powered by the BEC in the ESC that is connected to the failsafe mux.  The 60A ESC I am using has a 5A BEC so it should be OK.  With JP1 removed the input and output of the APM are independent.

    I dont need a BEC in front of the other battery or any of the batteries as the 12V is combined in the battery sharer and then supplied to the 5V power supply.

  • I also see a potential issue, a servo can pull up to 7AMP of power when it moves and if your powers supply is only going to prived 1 amp then your servo is potentialy not going to work, mabey from your batshare a power line run to your rx then you can handle for that, and must make sure your bec can handle up to 7.4 A


  • Don't you need a beck in front of the 3S Lipo that is not connected to the ESC?

  • That is great wow awesome design. What are you going to use for +5V 1A Power supply?

  • No - the Batshare manual specifically says that you must have the regulator after the Batshare - not before.

    This is my new complete wiring that I will be installing.  I am not sure about tying the negatives of the battery together yet - will have to do more research.


  • Will this work? This is what I have picked up from this conversation sovar.





  • @Bill - I think it is OK with 3S.  There is no question of running the motor with it - it is only for receivers.  A parallel battery will be taken out with a short cct.  The BatShare guards against this by isolating the batteries.

    I have found a slightly cheaper alternative.  The Batshare postage to OZ was $30.00.

    It is the same (sort of) as the batshare and only costs $15.00 postage.  There are some pretty interesting power supplies on this site as well.  For those of you with petrol motors a generator could be hooked up to this:

    It has a LiPo battery charger for a backup battery.

  • BatShare from Smart-Fly - the one for 29.95

    Seems a bit overpriced for a bunch of wire, a LED, and some diodes. Well, may be, it could protect the second battery if the first caught internal short circuit, but I have never heard of the crash of that kind. I think monitoring  voltage and temperature is more important.

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