APM Wiring, ESC + Receiver

Illustrated cable connections between APM + Receiver, APM + ESC's and motor locations for ArduCopter.

+ Configuration

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  • Very nice illustration, every time I see another simple explanation of a controller or system I have to give a serious thank you to all who help.

    Thank You!

  • I got this hooked up properly but now my turnigy 306g servo on my tricopter tail is spinning continuously, any idea how to get it back to being in a normal mode?

  • This scheme is wrong and could cause problems for anyone trying to reproduce it with this Futaba RX. On this picture the signal wire should go to the pin on the left, "+" - to the center, "-" to the right

  • I suppose the channel assigns for Spektrum are the same as JR?
  • Developer
    Yes This illustration will be updated after public alpha release is out. In final version of this illustraion, it will contain channel information. Here they are as in text:

    IN0 = Aileron
    IN1 = Elevator
    IN2 = Throttle
    IN3 = Rudder
    IN4 = AUX1
    IN5 = AUX2

    This same information can be found from code it self and should be... again .. Should stay as is now ... but due we do not have yet public alpha release i don't put my head on it yet :P
  • I'm a JR user and the channel assigns are different. Can you tell me the channel assignments in the above diagram (ie what signals are needed on each of the ArduMega inputs)?

    regards Peter
  • Developer
    As I'm a Mac user I use OmniGraffle to do my network/documentation/design and other sheets. You can do similar documents even with M$ Visio.
  • This is a cool-looking diagram. What program did you use to make it?

    - Eric
  • Developer
    Well there are only 2 possibilities to put them... When you start your engines and your props "blow" up, change their order. They should all blow downwards :)

    Some companies calls their props pushers even they are pullers and vice versa, so it's better not to say that pushers always goes on "these" motors and pullers on those... Best way is just to test or when you are about to mount them, think which way motor is running and look your prop, you can figure it easily. Like I said they all should blow down.
  • Thanks Jani for the answer, a follow on question which motors get the pusher props?
This reply was deleted.