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Aaron posted a discussion
We have developed a "Mini" IMU with ITG-3200, HMC5843, BMP085, BMA180 sensors. Communication is I2C with onboard 3.3v regulator The orientation for the board was off for the video but you can see it works.
Jan 16, 2011
Aaron posted a discussion
I have recently had a frame designed and I now have pre-orders being taken. The frames are being cut as we speak and the first batch will be shipped out by this weekend! The frames are made from 1.5mm Black G10. Here are a few pics. $125 SHIPPED…
Dec 13, 2010
Aaron commented on Jianguo Zhao's blog post A miniature tricopter
"Only 1 complaint about this is the 3 ADXR2610'S ($24.95/PC) and the ADXL322 ($29.95) prices and the use of multiple components! Would be nice to use maybe a single 6 or 9 DOF board!"
Dec 11, 2010
Aaron replied to Toby Stein's discussion Did I blow my outputs?
"I also have this same problem. I did it like it says in the Wiki and was ok. I then wrote to Jani and he told me NOT to connect both USB and Lipo or I would blow my outputs. I did this and guess what, that's right, dim light and constant beeps and…"
Nov 17, 2010
Aaron replied to ANdre's discussion All kind of arducopters??
"I personally have not tried the NG code. I have steered away from the "Official" code and went with a more stable code, hence the name SuperStable.. Also, if you are having problems with it, you post in the appropriate section and usually within a…"
Nov 13, 2010
Aaron replied to Aaron's discussion ArduCopter (APM) with WORKING GPS!!
"The GPS, SFE magnetometer, Xbee Telemetry. Basically all options they offer in the store for ArduCopter!"
Nov 11, 2010
Aaron posted a discussion
Here are some pics of what should be from the folks here at DIY, A WORKING CODE! I had to take different angle pics cause I was happy! All by myself! The required files are linked in case someone else spent the money for all of the options thinking…
Nov 11, 2010
Aaron commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New all-in-one gyro/accel/mag chip from Invensense
Nov 10, 2010
Aaron posted a discussion
Can someone please tell me how to fix this error.  
Nov 9, 2010
Aaron posted photos
Nov 9, 2010
Aaron posted a discussion
I was wondering if there is a way to use the AeroQuad Configurator with the ArduCopter?? The AQC has a bunch more features and seems more newbie friendly. Please let me know if this is possible to do. Thanks!
Nov 8, 2010
Aaron posted a discussion
I have connected the ublox in U-Center and in the View>Binary console it gives me the pasted text below. When I connect to Google Earth I do not get a fix or anything. When I connect GPS to APM, the oilpan lights do not even show GPS status. Please…
Nov 5, 2010
Aaron replied to Aaron's discussion ublox Rx/Tx status lights??
"Nevermind, I figured it out myself"
Nov 4, 2010
Aaron posted a discussion
I was wondering if there is a way to wire in 2 LEDs to the IN/OUT ports of the DIYDRONES basic breakout (I use GPS cable so holes are open) in order to see there is communication on GPS without looking at GCS?? Please let me know the procedure if it…
Nov 4, 2010
Aaron posted a discussion
I have made my own power dist. board since I can not buy one and I was tired of waiting to fly! I went to RS and saw some small PCB boards and I figured I could make them work! There are 2 boards in a pack which was great in case I screwed up or in…
Oct 31, 2010
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Oct 29, 2010