New huge multicopter motors from Hobby King

29067.jpgHobby King has come out with 2 new multicopter motors in the 9014(!) size. One is 105kV, the other 135kV. With 385g, they are surely on the heavy side, but they are designed for 6S with a max current of 40A. According to the description, they were made for 26" props.

Surely nothing for your everyday sport quad, but now there's finally motors available which would allow building really big quads (MD4-1000 class and bigger) with reasonable air times.


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  • Gary McCry maybe this can and ccw...tri blades too also remove 2 from 4blade and you are ready to go...any size is posible and onc you buy mounting plate wood props are cheap

  • similar if not the same..

  • but where the hell are we to buy 26" props that aren't crazy expensive

  • well this came after the beerlift.

  • Is it possible to buy 24'' carbon pusher prop?

  • Developer

    Gary, when you move into the 24" and larger size of propellers you in "big boy" territory where you usually have to drill you own holes to match the motor your using (2 or 4 hole pattern). It's not that hard, just make a cardboard template using the center hole for referencing and take your time when drilling CF (don't apply to much pressure to the drill).

  • Well. I tried to find the answer myself.

    Consider 105 kv engine. 6S gives 22.2 V. There would be 2331 rpm at full power.

    Suppose we have 26x5 2-blade propeller.

    Then I used this site.

    The result was 3.01 kg for standard propeller, and 3.28 kg for APC W proppeler, if it would exist.

    One should consider changes of the weight of ESCs, frame, batteries. It's also possible to make a quad instead of hexa and save even more weight. Yet it would cost a lot, and it would be hard to engineer.

  • How much thrust can it possibly sustain with 6S battery and 26'' props?

  • If anybody finds a not wood 24" or 26" prop actually made to fit these motors using the mounting plate rather than a through bolt prop adapter I'd like to know about it.

    The biggest flat mount CF props I could find were 17" 

    Xoar lists wood props any size up to 40" but they need a conventional through bolt type prop adapter.

  • That's one way to do it. Cool

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