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A few months ago I was flying my DJI-550 Hex with APM 2.5+ and ArduCopter 2.9.x.  It was flying in stabilize mode just fine after 7 minutes at an altitude of 20 feet it pitched forward (upside down) and augured into the ground.  The crash broke several arms on my 550, the top of the 550 plate all my props, cracked the case on my RC receiver and other cracks and breaks on various components.


I've just rebuilt using a Turnigy Talon Carbon Fiber Hexacopter frame from Hobbyking and an Orange RX800X 8 channel receiver.  All the other parts (motors, ESCs, APM, etc.) are the parts I had on my F550.

I did a reset on my APM 2.5+ and upgraded to ArduCopter 3.0.1.  Did compass and accel calibration.  All seemed to be good.

I  took it outside for a test flight and when I powered it up, and tried to hover the copter pitched violently to the left and crashed.

Brought it in and replaced a broken prop; tried a few more times with the same results.


Does any one have any ideas on what would cause this?  Where do I start to look?

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  • Hi there, it happened to me as well.

    Had to replace some arms and props to, then while replacing all the parts I decided  to place my apm 2.5 with internal compass right on top of my dji 450.

    I then open the case to have a closer look to see if all is still fine, but on closer inspection saw the two tags 

    that is suppose to be joint together for internal compass was split, and this was from the factory.

    But if you look close it's a very small piece to join, even machines can make mistakes lol,

    so have a look just maybe that will help.

    Good luck

  • 7 minutes of Hexa flight.. what kind of battery?  Is it possible the battery died or browned out?  I ask because my old/tired 3S/5Ah batteries petered out right around 7 minutes and would have failed.

  • Here is wiki "Checking the motor direction with the CLI".


    Be careful, not hurt yourself.

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    Bad motor or other wiring.
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