Hexacopter for Aerial Photography - Help


Sorry for my VERY bad english and my noobiness, i'm from italy, and i'm new to this hobby.

So, I have some skill with helicopters and recently i started looking into drones for aerial photography.

I bought a little indoor quadcopter in order to learn how to fly, and i'm now confindent in investing in a hexacopter for aerial photography.

I wanted to hear your suggestion in order to make this configuartion better (or in extreme cases make a new one :') ) :

Motors: NTM Prop Drive 28-30S 800KV / 300W


Frame: H550 Glass Fibre Hexacopter Frame

Controller = APM 2.6

Props: 10x4.5 SF Props

Battery: I'm a bit stuck with the batteries. I want to go with 4s (5000mah), but i don't really know wich i should pick.

Radio: Turnigy 9x

Gimbal: I'll start with a cheap gimbal, because i'm planning to get one form a local photographer that is going to sell his.

Have a good day.

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  • Hi,

    I would like to suggest you that you need to choose hexacopter with great features because without good configuration you can't get the best quality aerial footage.You can go through dronesmisc.com

  • At first you have to drive hexacopter properly. Then you can capture photography proporly. A drone is an aircraft which is very small and piloted either with autonomous on-board computers or with a remote control on the ground. Some of the drones have special applications for aerial cinematography and photography, and may require some of the additional things. I know INFINYTE Media is good aerial photographer company in Singapore. You can contact them for more information.


    Matteo, it looks like you're on the right track. although I would stay away from the NTM motors, they have a reputation for having poor quality bearings.and stay in the 800-1000KV range.

    The frame should be OK to get started with, the low cost is great, you might want to buy some extra arms and props right away. because you will most likely smash the crap out of it once or twice. (we have all been there!)

    I have an APM 2.6 from HK and it has worked just fine.

    10" props for the higher KV motors, 11" props for the lower KV, buy some of both and see what works best for your setup.

    Multistar batteries would be a good choice, 4S 5200-6600mah.

    AFRO ESCs are good and a Turnigy 9X also.

    You may not be able to lift a lot of weight with this frame, see how it goes. later you can move the electronics to a better frame.

    Good luck!

    and your English is very good.

    • Thank you very much for the thorough reply, you helped me a lot!

      Ok, so i'll stay away from NTM Motors, have you got any suggestions for a good motor?

      Also, wich discharge rate should my battery have? With 6 motors the current draw will be quite high right?

      Thank You very much for the advice (s?), it's nice to see that this community has very kind people in it.

      •  I have a Tarot 680 Hex that is running Turnigy aerodrive D3536/9 910KV.

        swinging 10"x4.5 props.

        and another Hex with motors from RCTimer, HP2814-810KV. these are swinging 11"x4.5 props. but I see they don't have that same motor any more. I think any of the HP series motors from RCTimer would be a good choice. I'm not sure but I think the HP series is made by Sunny Sky, and they would be a good choice also.

         The rule of thumb for safe Amp draw of a battery is.

        C rating X (mAh divided by 1000)


        2,200mAh battery with a 30C rating.   (2,200 divided by 1000=2.2)  30 X 2.2 = 66 safe amp draw.

        or 6,600mAh battery with a 10C rating, 6.6 X 10 = 66 safe amp draw.

        two completely different battery's with the same safe amp draw.

        I think you will need 70 amps just to hover. so if you want a Multistar 10C you would need a 8,000mAh battery. or find a battery with a higher C rating and lower mAh.

        I hope this helps.

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