I flied my copter a little high an suddenly it fallen quickly. I also flied a little far. It was luck I got it back, just broke almost arms. Motors were fine, and the ACM was also good.

Please help me to read the log, I could not bring it into the graph. And how to do with it.

I am very appreciate with any information provided.



P.s: Video of it... It was falling at the end of video.

2012-01-15 10-13-28.tlog

2012-01-15 10-13-28.txt

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  • @Gareth: yes, I flied FPV, I used 2 cameras, one is gopro, other is fatshark for FPV, this is a first time of Gopro. I just though it high because could not see it from ground.

    @Bill Jowitt: I just flied for a min. I though it is from my radio or RX

  • I think it got airsick!

    I had a crash today which was probably down to a low battery. What state was yours in?


  • Hardcore video! All that spinning made me dizzy! Thats the highest Iv seen a copter go!

    What height was it? Were you using FPV? If not, how did you even see the copter?

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