I have successfullly built Arducopter, made couple test flights and realized it is better to go hexa or octo, I plan to do "serious" SLR photography.

I was looking for PDBs schemes / DXFs / PDFs and didnt find any, so I bought one and here is 600 dpi scan. I hope somebody might find it useful or create sources for other users. Diameter is 8 cm all holes seem to be metalized.

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Thank you.  This was helpful.  I was trying to find the diameter of an octo power distribution board and you gave it to me.  I am also trying to figure out what the minimum/normal/maximum diameter for an octo center plate would be for the electronics ... the PDB is probably one of the biggest components, don't you think?  I am thinking of having the ESCs on the arms so those should not mess with the center plate dimension.  The FCB (APM2 or other) is smaller than the PDB and will likely be tiered so that should not make a difference ... What else might make the center plate bigger do you think (batteries? just wiring? eventual camera mount?)?  Do you think a center plate of 10cm would be enough?  15 cm?  I should note that I am talking more about the actual center of the center plate that could be used for electronics ... not the area that is taken up with any arm attachment, etc.  Your thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Btw. inner diameter is 27 mm

I have built ardu quad copter, decided to go hexa because there is a lot of money flying in the air, waiting for extra motors and ESCs from HobbyKing......

I dont care much about size, I only designed my own hexa centerplate inspired by the original / universal? circular one - will share later (I just reinstalled my computer)...

I will try to move ESCs to the center, dont like to have them on the arms.....

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