Now their shop is closed.

I'm looking for the alternatives ?

I don't choose the camera yet. I want to check alternative system compatibility.

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I've been thinking of using a simple switch/relay controlled by one channel soldered to the original controls of the camera.
There used to be a "Micro Electronic Receiver Switch" for sale on ebay which I had been planning to use, but since I have not yet come to the still camera build I have put it off for now.
I do know a lot of people use the Prism and are happy with it, but is also seems it is not available any more.
I had been playing with the idea of using a digital camera with AV out to transmit video back live, and for this optical zoom control like the prism has would be awesome.
Try GentLED. I have one of their Auto units and works great but problem is from the camera which takes too long to reset. Something to consider and worth talking to them as they are very helpful.
That's looks good. Thanx for your answer.

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