• I prefer the Slow Fly HQ Prop. I've used Graupners but they seem to have less thrust than the HQ Props.

    Slow Fly HQ Prop 8x4.5

  • If there the cheap Hobbyking colored ones.... there's your reason.

    Ive bought afew packs of them for use on a balsa testbed and found the same thing , they broke at the hub midflight without warring & without prior damage.

    get anything but them and you should be ok , gemfan,rctimer,apc,gws, all good known props.

    and lastly get a good prop balancer or make a dynamic rig up. even the best props will need some balance

  • Breaking when you hit something, or just breaking during flight?  Big difference.  If you are hitting stuff, just buy a ton of APC plastic props and keep replacing them for a few more weeks until you learn how not to.  

    If your props are breaking during flight without impact to anything, then all I can guess is that your prop nuts are crushing the center of the prop and making it break?  The hub really shouldn't break before the props snap off during an impact.  

    The high end ones are GemFan carbon fiber props, which are a knock off of the really high end ones like T-motor.

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